Earth Day – how shopping affects the environment

According to a study conducted by MyMenu among the recipe platform users on their meal planning and shopping habits:

♻️74% of recipe platform users declare they prefer simpler and shorter shopping lists.  This results in lower prices and better use of the purchased food.

User research shopping habits

♻️42% declared less ingredient waste as one of their goals in meal preparation.

Meal preparation goals

Planning the meals ahead gives an overview of the shopping ingredient list. Therefore you have more control over the amounts of ingredients that are added to the basket.

Providing our clients with a #zerowaste tool to manage their shopping experience was one of our goals while creating our shopping list and weekly meal planner features” – says Iza Dacewicz, founder of MyMenu.

Implementing our weekly planner and shopping lists on your recipe platform means:

✅Easy meal planning – allows to add and repeat favourite recipes to the weekly planner

✅Flexible ingredient lists – add or remove ingredients according to your needs and pantry stock

✅No more food waste – with our planner you can control the ingredient list and avoid overbuying.


You can influence user shopping and meal planning habits by using our smart features: shopping lists and meal planners. 

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