Create an effortless cooking experience for your audience

Ever wondered if the content of your recipe platform is actually helping your audience to get what they want? Here are 3 ways you can give your audience a cooking experience so smooth, they will come back for more.

Do you really know your audience?

Before you even start producing any content for your blog or recipe page, you need to know who’s listening. Don’t assume – verify.

In 2020 we conducted a survey on 297 online recipe users on the number of guests they were cooking for Easter, which meals were they planning and whether they were looking for traditional recipes or they wanted to add a modern twist to the all-time classics. What would you guess? We found out that 80,8% of the surveyed audience wanted to cook modernised versions of traditional meals for Easter. 60% of our audience’s family meals were for 3 – 8 people.

The biggest effort was put into making a main course for the occasion. 62,7% indicated main course as their Easter table staple. Other meals, such as brunch or starters were served by only around 20% of respondents. 





With this kind of input you can boost recipes with more modern ingredients, focus on the types of dishes that are most popular and add a filter to search according to the number of guests the users are having. Now imagine how powerful your platform can become if you had this kind of information for every occasion you need.

A recipe is not enough

Great, now you have the perfect set of recipes for your audience to choose from. Now, how are they using them? Printing is not always an option and writing down each recipe on random scraps of paper is tedious.

Here is where technology comes into play. One of the features MyMenu offers for recipe platforms is the ability to convert the recipes into shopping lists that can later be shared among the household members, printed or used online and used conveniently while a visit in the store. Moreover, the list can be categorised so that it’s easier to navigate between the store sections. Based on different project results for our clients we were able to increase the recipe engagement 4 times and achieve 8% of recipe page visits ending with our shoplist feature.

Let’s (not) go shopping!

Meal planning is kinda like warfare, it needs a fair amount of planning and can easily become very chaotic. Cooking for even a small group of people requires a lot of ingredients in large amounts. In other words, shopping for a meal plan is shopping in bulk. We can make it easier for your recipe platform users.

Linking your blog with a delivery provider enables your audience to shop your recipes with a couple of clicks. The precious time is cut down on planning and shopping. As a result, grateful users comes back for another portion of your spiced up recipes. 

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