Personal recommendation system for recipes

Personalization is a key feature for any modern website that offers some kind of product for their clients. Recipe blogs and platforms can also benefit from this new technology. In mymenu we developed a personal recommendation system for recipes.  This means we generate a unique set of recipes for every returning user, based on their […]

5 reasons why people look for recipes

5 reasons people look for recipes

Why do people look for recipes? Traditionally, the target audience for recipes is predominantly female. Despite some new studies on the topic, the majority of meal preparation and grocery shopping in households is still executed by women (65% according to a study done by Frisco). There are however other ways to segment the recipe users. […]

How to write a recipe

how to write a recipe

Smart recipe writing For any food blogger or creator one question is always relevant, how to write a recipe. After all, this is the content that is at the very core of your platform. You may know that what you create is tasty and nutritious, but if you miss some important steps, you might find […]

3 key factors for recipe content

If you are a recipe creator you definitely take a lot of things into consideration in recipe development process. Apart from food trends, trendy diets, special occasions and meal categories there are other important factors to have in mind. We measured recipe engagement vs recipe visits on over 3000 recipes to see which elements have […]

Create a better recipe experience

listy zakupowe i planer posiłków

Ever wondered if your recipes offer your audience exactly what they want? We measured the most used features on recipe pages from the platforms we work with and help to deveolop. See which ones you need to implement on your recipe page in order to create a better experience on your food blog.    Build […]

Earth Day – how shopping affects the environment

According to a study conducted by MyMenu among the recipe platform users on their meal planning and shopping habits: ♻️74% of recipe platform users declare they prefer simpler and shorter shopping lists.  This results in lower prices and better use of the purchased food. ♻️42% declared less ingredient waste as one of their goals in […]

Create an effortless cooking experience for your audience

Ever wondered if the content of your recipe platform is actually helping your audience to get what they want? Here are 3 ways you can give your audience a cooking experience so smooth, they will come back for more. Do you really know your audience? Before you even start producing any content for your blog […]

What recipes is your audience really looking for this Easter

While “Easter recipes” is trending on Google this week, it’s time to have a look at what people are actually cooking for the occasion. We conducted a survey on a group of 297 online recipe platform users in order to find out how many guests were they planning, which meals were they serving, and whether […]

Winner recipes

Are you sure you have the right recipes on your platform? We asked 1000 recipe users about their favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner and we found the winning top 3 products for each category:  Breakfast: 🥇bread🥈cereal 🥉yogurt Lunch: 🥇pasta 🥈veggies🥉meat Dinner: 🥇bread🥈salads 🥉veggies Having the right content is crucial to engage your audience and help […]

Are nutritional values important for recipe users?

It’s that time of the year again, the countdown to summer begins. We want to shed the layers of winter cosy clothes and show off a beach body, even if we aren’t exactly planning on going on a lavish holiday this year. Some of us have another layer to shed: a few extra kilograms we […]