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Are you sure you have the right recipes on your platform? We asked 1000 recipe users about their favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner and we found the winning top 3 products for each category: 

Breakfast: 🥇bread🥈cereal 🥉yogurt

Lunch: 🥇pasta 🥈veggies🥉meat

Dinner: 🥇bread🥈salads 🥉veggies

Having the right content is crucial to engage your audience and help you hit better SEO ranking. Here are some recipe ideas for our winning products, based on most popular keywords from

🥪Bread: grilled sandwich, banana bread

🥣Cereal: baked oatmeal, granola

🥛Yogurt: greek, frozen

🥕Veggies: tomato, greens

🍝Pasta: carbonara, fresca, bolognese

🥩Meat: chicken breast, beef stroganoff, pork chops

🥗Salad: potato, pasta and cucumber salad

In MyMenu we can audit your website in order to optimize your recipe and category pages. We can find out what makes a recipe more relevant to the user: proper ingredient list length, optimal cooking time or popular ingredients. Based on the results from various platforms we worked with, we were able to achieve a 8x growth of users, by the right SEO optimization and content improvements.

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