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What recipes is your audience really looking for this Easter

While “Easter recipes” is trending on Google this week, it’s time to have a look at what people are actually cooking for the occasion.

We conducted a survey on a group of 297 online recipe platform users in order to find out how many guests were they planning, which meals were they serving, and whether they wanted the dishes to be traditional, traditional with a twist or modern.

Here are the results:

Easter recipes

Fistrly, we prefer small family gatherings on Easter. 42% of our respondents meet in groups of 5 to 8. However, just as many responded they limit the guest list even more. 

Secondly, the focus is on the main course. Usually we associate Easter with all types of side dishes and finger food. However, it’s the main course that we need inspiration for the most. 

Last, but not least, modern times require modern recipes. We all have a set of treasured family recipes, yet we want to incorporate some new dishes to our repertoire. This is the case for 54,5% of our respondents. Easter recipes with a modern twist to the all-time classics are popular as well among them (26,3%). 

Not sure if you have the right set of recipes on your platform? Contact us – we can audit your blog to give you a better understanding of your audience. 

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